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Since 1922

4 generations of potters

The ceramic art workshop that we maintain in Karlovasi, in the Greek Island of Samos, has been operating for a century, through four generations of potters (Since 1922).

1st Generation

Dimitrios Vathiotis

In 1922 my great grandfather Dimitrios Vathiotis came to Samos as a refugee from Asia Minor with his family and continued the art of ceramics which he had previously been practiced in the area of Sivrihisar. So when he came to Samos, he built his first furnace and made a living from his art despite all the difficulties he faced. ​ Dimitrios Vathiotis was making a wide variety of ceramics and was a well-known and successful potter of his time.

2st Generation

Emmanouil Vathiotis

Emmanouil Vathiotis (son of Demetrios) was introduced to pottery as a teenager (12 years old) and made pots, pitchers, bags, tiles and various household items. He worked with his wife Patras Vathiotis, who "enriched" the objects until his death in 1974. His works are in museums in Athens and in private collections. He and his wife Patra Vathioti who beautifully decorated the object work of art, worked together until his death in 1974. Patra worked alongside him all the years, painting, helping with the make-up and at the same time raising their four daughters together. Manolis developed into an excellent potter.

3st Generation

Stamatia taught ceramics to children of Samos Primary Schools, participating in the DOPONAS program.She also participated in the inauguration of the Center for the Study of Modern Ceramics through Mrs. Betty Psaropoulou and formerly in the exhibition of ceramists of the Eastern Aegean. She collaborated with the Italian painter-sculptor Carlo Carosso. In our workshop in Karlovasi, part of the collection of this collaboration is exhibited.

Stamatia Vathioti

In 1979, having utilised the experience and the knowledge Stamatia( Daughter of Emmanouil and Patra) gained thanks to her father, after attending courses of Mrs Eleni Kanellopoulou's workshop and in a private school of pottery art and decoration, she decided to set up her own workshop. She has taken part in group exhibitions through local organizations, in Athens and abroad. She recently took part in the 8th and 9th Ceramics Exhibition, at the "EXODOS" Art Gallery, in Athens.

In 1982, Vangelio entered the production, after learning next to her sister, Stamatia.

All these years, Patra Vathioti continues to paint in the workshop, next to her daughters.

4st Generation

Emmanouela Makri-Vathioti

In 2014, Emmanouela (daughter of Stamatia), after completing her studies at the National Technical University of Athens, as Chemical Engineer, as well as the Master's degree in Finance, decided to continue the art and family tradition.


She operates her own workshop in the village of Manolates in Samos. Emmanouela creates her own ceramic molds and paints new patterns, inspired by tradition too.


She recently took part in the 8th and 9th Ceramics Exhibition, at the "EXODOS" Art Gallery, in Athens.

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